Linguistic Tools for Teachers of English: Towards a Bilingual Education

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Ramiro Durán Martínez, Sonsoles Sánchez-Reyes Peñamaría

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«This volume of essays highlights work presented during the Linguistic Tools for Teachers of English in Bilingual Contexts seminar held at the School of Education and Tourism in Ávila in 2009, a collaborative effort co-sponsored by the Council of Education of Castilla y Leon and the University of Salamanca. The editors have selected articles that provide an overview of both applied linguistics and the current methodology of integrated second language instruction with subject matter instruction. The papers include articles dealing with: the problem of transition between primary and secondary education for EFL, the application of theories of multiple intelligence to second language learning, a study of the several methods of teaching foreign languages which are included in the communicative approach, a workshop for a group of Spanish teachers of English in the elementary grades who were taught to teach English through teaching numeracy, and the different methods of teaching second languages (structural, functional meaning, and interactional view) which inform current approaches and methods in language teaching» [Maida Watson. Prologue].

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enero 1, 2010
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